Hydration How-To's


Water intake is extremely important for you overall health! You should try to drink a gallon a day which is not necessarily easy to do! Here are some helpful tips!

1. Make a big infused pitcher for the fridge - you can get pitchers with infusion inserts on Amazon for pretty cheap! Use your favorite fruit combinations, fill up the pitcher and make sure it’s all gone by the end of the day! A few of my favorite combinations are: Lime/Lemon, Pineapple/Watermelon, Strawberry/Kiwi.

2. Don’t pass a water fountain without taking a drink or two.

3. Always keep a water bottle with you and fill it as soon as it’s empty.

4. Make a game out of it - If your boss has a favorite saying that’s used multiple times a day, take three drinks each time it’s said!

5. Always accept water when it’s offered to you - even when you're not thirsty!

6. Drink 8oz of cold water first thing in the morning and 8oz an hour before bed.

7. Set alarms - Set silent alarms on your phone or watch every hour to remind you to drink water! 

Fit TipsHilary Silverman