Getting Your Workout In


1. Workout in the morning - you are much more likely to get it done if you have a set plan and time everyday!

2. Prepare an easy & small breakfast - unless you plan on fasted cardio, set out a banana and a small pack of peanut butter, a pack of oatmeal or a protein bar so you get something healthy in that tummy before you hit the gym!

3. If you're planning on fasted cardio - make sure to pack a bar in your gym bag so you can have a snack before you lift!

4. Set out everything you need the night before - This means your outfit, gym shoes, water bottle, towel and any supplements you take.

5. Figure out your exact weekly workout plan every Sunday - this will help so you don’t go to the gym wondering what you’re going to do each day (I can help you with this!).

6. Set multiple alarms - make sure you set a couple alarms to make sure you wake up and have enough time to get to the gym before work. It’s so easy to hit snooze and miss your workout!

7. Find a motivation - find a quote, a photo, or anything that hits home with you, print it, and tape it in your bathroom mirror/ on your fridge as a daily reminder!

8. Set your goals - write down your goals so you can see them daily… then demolish them! You got this!!!

Fit TipsHilary Silverman