Co-Founder Profile Pt. 2: Brandon Bollig


How did you get started with Dannah Eve?

My wife (Dannah), always had a dream of starting her own fitness business to help people mentally, physically and emotionally. I was very fortunate to live out my own dream of playing professional hockey and once I decided to retire, it was a no brainer to dive head first into creating a health and fitness business with her. With both of our backgrounds in athletics and what we both went through throughout our sports careers, we definitely have the right mentality, work ethic and drive to build an awesome lifestyle brand. I think we make a pretty great team.

What’s your favorite thing about working with your business partner/wife?

Honestly Dan and I have an awesome relationship. She’s not just my wife, she's my best friend. We laugh nonstop and have fun doing even the little things like running to the grocery store together. Being able to work with her is just a bonus.

How has your professional hockey background helped you with starting a business?

I have a pretty good knowledge base of athletic training and what it takes to get fit and live a healthy lifestyle. I’ve always been fascinated with doing research about what’s best for your body, so it goes hand in hand with a health and fitness company. We’re always researching the latest fitness fads and the benefits so that we can implement them into Dannah Eve.

Who is the “Boss”? You or Dannah?

 Haha, Dan definitely. Happy wife, happy life!

Favorite thing to do now that you've officially retired from hockey?

Honestly just being able to spend time at home has been amazing. We were so used to me being on the road nonstop so having some normalcy is great. It was getting harder and   harder to be away from Dan and our boys (french bulldogs, Fitzgerald and Franklin).

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